Expert solutions for leaking showers

Shower leaks aren’t just an inconvenience; they pose a significant risk to a property’s structural integrity. At Capital Bathrooms, we understand the far-reaching implications of untreated leaks. Even if there’s no visible evidence, trapped moisture behind or under tiles due to porous grout, failed waterproofing or inadequate silicone work can lead to severe consequences.

The Risks of Ignored Shower Leaks

Left unattended, a leaking shower can cause extensive structural damage. Moisture accumulation often triggers mould growth and discolouration within the shower area, posing potential health hazards. Moreover, this persistent moisture weakens the waterproofing over time, leaving your shower susceptible to further leakage. It’s a common issue that hides beneath the surface, gradually eroding your shower’s integrity.

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Our specialised approach

  • At Capital Bathrooms, we approach these concerns with meticulous care. Our process goes beyond standard repairs; we delicately remove tiles, grout, and silicone, replacing them with top-tier, new products. This comprehensive approach revitalises your shower recess, fortifying your home against potential damage. This transformative method guarantees absolute waterproofing, durability, and shields against mould accumulation and structural harm. Not only will your shower regain its fresh, renewed appearance, but its functionality will also surpass previous standards.
Why Capital Bathrooms for Your Leaking Shower Issues?
  • Extensive Experience: With an extensive background in testing and reporting on shower leaks for insurance companies and property managers, we offer unparalleled expertise.
  • Comprehensive Repairs: From investigation to comprehensive repairs, we handle every aspect of the problem, ensuring a complete solution.
  • In-House Experts: We rely on our skilled in-house team of plumbers, carpenters, waterproofers, and tilers—no contractors. This guarantees superior quality workmanship in the shortest time possible.
  • Guaranteed Work: All our work comes with a solid guarantee, reflecting our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.
  • No Compromises: We pride ourselves on not cutting corners. When faced with a waterproofing issue, we replace all necessary components in the shower recess, ensuring a lasting fix rather than a temporary solution.

Some contractors might take shortcuts, but we prioritise a thorough approach, safeguarding your shower against future problems.

Trust Capital Bathrooms for an unmatched approach to shower repairs. Our dedication to quality, extensive experience, and comprehensive solutions ensure your satisfaction and a shower that functions flawlessly for the long term.



Our Capital Trade Family

By choosing Capital Bathrooms, you are provided greater access to a cross-section of qualified and insured trades across our Capital trades family. Each organisation within the Capital family is committed to assisting one another and the clients we individually support, ensuring timely delivery, cost efficiencies, and satisfaction at every stage of your project.

Need a shower repaired now?

At Capital Bathrooms, customer satisfaction is our priority. Our commitment to excellence extends to every job, big or small. Rest assured, your bathroom’s visual appeal and structural integrity are in expert hands.

For swift, reliable tile repairs by seasoned professionals, trust Capital Bathrooms. Contact us today and bid farewell to those peasky shower leak issues.