Renovating To Sell – 5 Tips To Style Your Bathroom

Renovating To Sell - 5 Tips To Style Your Bathroom

  1. Start by removing all of your everyday toiletries and bathroom supplies.  Soaps, handwash, toothbrushes, cotton balls, and everything else fall into this category. (Don’t forget about the shower items.) Buyers aren’t interested in seeing your personal hygiene items. In fact, they may feel as if they are invading your personal space, which can be both distracting and embarrassing.
  2. Get rid of the clutter around the room. Remove all objects that imply cleaning and maintenance, including toilet brushes, wastepaper baskets, sponges, cleaning products, bathmats, and spare toilet rolls. These are a necessary part of daily life. Still, they do not provide your customers with a beautiful spa-like experience.
  3. Add luxurious towels. Adding gorgeous, soft, opulent towels to any bathroom will quickly change it. The best advice is to get something brand new. For added luxury, arrange a nicely folded pile of two to three identical towels on the vanity or side of the bath if there is a lot of extra bench space.
  4. Beautify with accessories. Consider using serene, soft-coloured accessories, such as scented soaps, bath oils, natural loofahs, and candles to create a spa-like experience. Or maybe a lovely piece of coral.
  5. Use flowers to make a statement. Fresh flowers and plants provide life to every place, including the bathroom. They have a big impact in the room, bringing colour and texture right away.
Styling ideas for your open house
Buyers are drawn to the seductive allure of a clean, gorgeous bathroom that reminds them of luxury hotels or relaxing spas they've visited. Most significantly, purchasers want to imagine themselves in their new house enjoying this luxury every day.



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