Creating Kid-Friendly Bliss: Top 8 Tips for Designing a Family-Friendly Bathroom

Bath time with kids often resembles navigating a vibrant jungle of toys, splashes, and laughter in the bathroom. Balancing functionality with the enchanting realm of childhood is a unique challenge. If you’re considering a family bathroom renovation or looking to enhance your current space’s family-friendliness, join us as we explore some comprehensive tips from our esteemed suppliers: Sandy, our resident showroom expert from Reece Bathrooms, and Lauren, our National Tiles Account Manager & Design Expert. Together, we’ve curated a comprehensive guide with eight inspirational tips to transform your bathroom into an ultimate kid-friendly haven.

Tip One: Embrace Open Shelving and Extra Storage

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Designing a family-friendly bathroom often begins with addressing the plethora of items that come hand in hand with kids. From bath toys to toiletries, efficient storage is key. Consider incorporating open shelving units or additional cabinets to keep everything neatly organised. Sandy, our Bathroom Specialist from Reece Bathrooms, highlights the importance of adaptable storage solutions, ensuring a tidy and usable space for years to come. “Open shelving isn’t just practical; it’s transformative for families. It streamlines item accessibility for both parents and kids, a choice that grows with your family’s evolving needs.”

Open shelving isn't just practical; it's transformative for families. It streamlines item accessibility for both parents and kids, a choice that grows with your family's evolving needs

Tip Two: Consider Full Wall Tiles for Easy Cleaning

Maintaining a pristine bathroom in the midst of family life can be a challenge. Simplify the cleaning process by opting for full wall tiles. Not only do they shield walls from water splashes, but they also make the wiping down of surfaces a breeze. Additionally, tiles offer a versatile canvas for creativity, enabling experimentation with tile patterns and colours to elevate the visual appeal of your family-friendly bathroom.

Lauren, from National Tiles, emphasises the practicality of full wall tiles, stating, “In a bustling family bathroom, easy cleaning is essential. Full wall tiles not only create a sleek, modern look, they also simplify maintenance, aligning seamlessly with the fast-paced lifestyle of busy families.”

In a bustling family bathroom, easy cleaning is essential. Full wall tiles not only create a sleek, modern look, they also simplify maintenance, aligning seamlessly with the fast-paced lifestyle of busy families

Tip Three: Swap Towel Rails for Robe Hooks

Traditional towel rails can pose challenges for children, leading to damp towels on the floor or unintentionally unravelled towels. Opting for robe hooks presents an accessible alternative for kids, promoting tidiness and complementing current design trends like the relaxed, coastal ambiance of a beach house. Sandy recommends robe hooks as a pivotal accessory, enabling kids to effortlessly hang their towels, clothes, or toys, significantly contributing to the overall tidiness of the space.

Tip Four: Choose a Spacious Back-to-Corner Bath

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Maximising space while maintaining elegance is a top goal for many family-friendly bathrooms. Sandy highlights the Decina Isabella 1700 back-to-corner semi-freestanding bath as an excellent choice. This bath not only makes the most of available space but also lends a luxurious appearance.
“The Isabella bath is a smart selection, offering the illusion of a luxurious freestanding bath while being installed against the wall,” Sandy shares. Its design minimises water splashing and eases cleaning concerns for parents while adding a touch of luxury and functionality. The corner placement creates an illusion of space, making the room feel larger and more welcoming.

Tip Five: Opt for a Big Sink or Double Sinks

Sink space often becomes a battleground in family bathrooms. Choosing a larger basin or installing a double vanity sink can resolve this issue. Multiple children can comfortably use the sink simultaneously, and the added space reduces water splashes beyond the basin. Sandy suggests, “Think big when it comes to sinks! A large basin or double sinks can revolutionise a family bathroom. They not only alleviate congestion during hectic mornings but also allocate a dedicated space for each child, instilling a sense of responsibility.”

Tip Eight: Illuminate with LED Vanity Mirrors

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Consider incorporating a mirror backed with LED lights, such as the Kado Aspect LED mirror from Reece Bathrooms, into your bathroom design. A vanity mirror is an indispensable bathroom accessory that significantly contributes to the overall functionality and aesthetic appeal of the space. Sandy shares the importance of selecting a vanity mirror that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and daily routines. “An LED-backed vanity mirror offers not only quality lighting but also a sleek modern design that elevates the bathroom ambiance.”

Unlike standard mirrors, LED vanity mirrors provide enhanced lighting, ideal for various tasks, especially as children grow into teenagers. Sandy points out, “As kids transition into their teenage years, spending more time in front of the mirror becomes commonplace. An LED-backed mirror caters to their evolving needs, accommodating activities like applying cosmetics, aftershaves, and addressing skincare concerns.”

By incorporating an LED-backed mirror into your bathroom, you can introduce a functional and stylish element that caters to both practicality and aesthetic preferences, evolving with your family’s changing needs over time.

Designing a family-friendly bathroom necessitates a thoughtful fusion of functionality and aesthetics. By integrating these six expert tips, you’ll be on your way to transforming your bathroom into a space that not only caters to your little ones’ needs but also resonates with your home’s design aesthetics. Embrace the joy of childhood by implementing clever design choices that turn your bathroom into a sanctuary for the entire family.



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